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As you look for a new system we hope you will find this list of insurance software companies helpful in determining which systems to review. With years of experience in the insurance industry, we have narrowed down the list to insurance software companies that provide P&C offerings and we have provided a brief overview of their offering as shown on their own web site.
In addition, we have included our rating of their offering as compared to The Quick Silver Systems Mercury System.
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P&C Insurance Software Companies




Majesco.com - The race to the future of Insurance is well underway ... Digital Insurance 2.0. It is a race where innovative incumbents and new entrants are constantly challenging traditional industry orthodoxies, making them increasingly irrelevant. The industry is confronted with permanent changes in customer behavior, different employee expectations, rapidly evolving digital technology and the introduction of new products, services and competitors. The business models of the past 20-30 years, represented by Insurance 1.0, were resilient for their time. But they do not meet the needs or expectations of a new generation of customers who demand and expect Digital Insurance 2.0.
Guidewire.com - The essential core systems that support the property and casualty insurance lifecycle including underwriting, policy, billing, and claims management-a central source for all critical customer and financial data, rate and product definitions, workflows and business rules, across all lines of business.

StingraySystem.com - A modular browser-based, property and casualty policy administration solution for Policy (quoting, rating, issuance), Billing, Claims and Reinsurance administration. Includes complete customer and agent portals as well as an imaging system. Additionally, Sapiens Stingray has statistical bureau reporting, DMV, Credit Card, General Ledger, Comparative Raters, CLUE, Business Intelligence, reporting and many other third party insurance related interfaces.

Our Comments: Purchased by Sapiens an Israeli company who has been buying many systems to get a foothold in the US market. Our CEO founded and built the company (Maximum Processing Inc.) as well as designed the core system from 2001 until Sapiens purchased it mid 2016. Uses 32bit Delphi as the core development language.

Insuresoft.com - THE DIGITAL INSURANCE PLATFORM Innovate freely with products and services across multiple distribution and engagement channels-including all policy, billing, and claims interactions. We provide property and casualty insurance carriers with a proven, digital optimization platform that can be configured to meet your unique needs.
DuckCreek.com - At Duck Creek, we think P&C carriers should shape their own futures, not have them dictated by the technologies they use. Change should be welcomed, not feared; ideas put into play quickly and easily, without the need for developers; and complexity tamed with confidence, not met by more complexity.

Adaptik.com - The Adaptik Suite empowers P&C insurers to turn even the most complex products and lines into opportunities for sustainable growth. Available on-premise or in the cloud, our solutions for policy administration, rating, billing, claims, customer management, task management and product design are intuitive, user-friendly and endlessly configurable.

Our Comments: Purchased by Sapiens an Israeli company who has been buying many systems to get a foothold in the US market.


StoneRiver.com - Hundreds of companies rely on StoneRiver, a Sapiens company software for policy solutions for all major business lines. With careful planning and StoneRiver, a Sapiens company software, your company can successfully navigate its way to gain or maintain a strong competitive edge.

Our Comments: Purchased by Sapiens an Israeli company who has been buying many systems to get a foothold in the US market. Implementations are almost all Workers-Comp.

CGI.com - PROPERTY AND CASUALTY (P∓C) Driving efficiencies, cost savings and revenue Increasing natural disasters, tight regulation, changing demographics, industry consolidation and new entrants are just some of the challenges CGI helps P&C insurers address through a combination of business expertise and digital technologies that drive efficiencies, cost savings and revenue.
Delphi-Tech.com - Delphi Policy is an end-to-end policy administration system built to manage the entire policy lifecycle for property and casualty insurance. It supports the core functions of the policy lifecycle including product definition, underwriting, quoting, binding, endorsements, and renewals. Delphi Policy is pre-configured with extensive product content, functions, and features, delivering a solution that increases underwriting productivity and supports holistic policy sales and channel management.

DXC.Technology - DXC Technology enables insurers to build a digital future while simultaneously transforming their legacy businesses. By leveraging our unrivaled knowledge of legacy operations and technologies, we can help brokers, managing general agents and insurance companies grow digitally and transform their existing IT environment, all while improving efficiency and increasing speed to market.

Our Comments: This is an offshoot of the old CSC System. Created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Insurity.com - AIM Evaluation: PAS Vendors' External Third-Party Data Integration Capabilities Insurity named "Best-in-Class" for their Policy Administration Systems (PAS) in Aite Group's latest report AIM Evaluation: PAS Vendors' External Third-Party Data Integration Capabilities.

Our Comments: Insurity has been attempting to improve its system offerings through M & A.

Maple-Tech.com - Aspire's modern technology platform delivers cloud-based core administration (policy, billing, and claims) functionality to many of the insurance industry's largest and most respected P&C insurance organizations. Designed for ease of use and maximum front-end configurability, and with 99% of clients running the most current version, Aspire is driving down costs, improving profitability, and powering P&C insurance for today and tomorrow.
Oneshield.com - Business evolves along with the expectations of today's consumer. New regulations, Micro Insurance Policies, Cyber Insurance, Peer-to-Peer Insurance, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, Autonomous Vehicles, Block Chain, Digital Ledgers, Smart Contracts, Direct to Consumer Insurance, Telematic Data, More Self-Service Touchpoints, Internet Of Things (IOT). Can your Technology keep up? We're in a digital era focused on customer experience. Can your core system respond?
InsPro.com - InsPro Technologies is entirely focused on the insurance industry, offering a dynamic policy administration software solution that helps you provide exceptional customer service to your clients. We take pride in our team, conduct our business with integrity, and measure our success based on your success.
Jarus.com - arus Technologies is a leader in digital and core system transformation solutions. Our powerful frameworks are purpose built for insurers and are infused with all around digital capabilities. These frameworks offer unmatched flexibility and customization options, resulting in increased business agility and scalability. Craft the most optimal and custom-tailored solutions to fit your specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. Retain full control of your solutions with complete access to the source code.

Oceanwide.com - Oceanwide offers cloud-based, end-to-end insurance software solutions that support the entire insurance policy lifecycle for property and casualty insurance and deliver the flexibility needed to adapt to and support your unique business processes and workflows.

Our Comments: Specializes in Marine Cargo Insurance. Now an Insurity company.

Silvervine.com - Improve efficiency. Reduce operational costs. Enhance customer experience. With Silvervine P&C insurance software solutions, you can do it all. The insurance industry is changing fast. You need the right policy administration system to be ready for new opportunities. Silvervine is the platform of choice for the nation's most sophisticated P&C insurers and MGAs. Its cutting-edge technology facilitates direct-to-consumer sales, distribution management and mobile engagement. Forty percent of your premium volume may come from recurring monthly ACH, American Express and credit card payments. The fees you pay and time it takes to get paid weigh heavily on your ratios. Small improvements can add up to noticeable profitability advances.
Instec-Corp.com - A policy management system that delivers on its promises. With our policy admin platform, you can build virtually any type of insurance product using a rich library of bureau content as the starting point, and configuring your own custom rates, rules, and forms. It's a policy administration system that delivers on its promises: speed, reliability, and low entry cost.
EISGroup.com - Real innovation starts at the core. The EIS® digital platform provides the three essential capabilities for winning in today's mobile first, digital everywhere world: Digitize Core Processes Increase agility, extract more value from data and drive down costs. Deepen Customer Engagement Create modern experiences that attract next-gen policyholders. Accelerate Business Innovation Unleash your creativity and reimagine your business. Our Comments: Re-branded from Exigen Insurance Solutions with redesigned logo and new corporate name.
Ebix.com - A leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance, financial and healthcare industries, Ebix, Inc., (NASDAQ: EBIX) provides end-to-end solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, carrier systems, agency systems and risk compliance solutions to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance industry.
IDPNet.com - IDP (Insurance Data Processing, Inc.) is a leading technology services provider that has exclusively served the P&C community since 1949. We have leveraged our extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise, along with decades of rich customer insights to develop intuitive, agile, and affordable solutions. As a strategic business partner to the P&C community, IDP delivers robust SaaS solutions and comprehensive bureau reporting services for insurers, program administrators, and residual market plans. Our unparalleled technology and expertise are matched only by our unwavering commitment to each and every client's success.
ISSRating.com - Creating custom rating and policy issuance software for companies and general agencies.
No Rating
A1enterprise.com - A1 Tracker is presented by the vendor as a robust & configurable risk management software offering either stand-alone or fully-integrated risk management software covering many business segments across an organization. Modules include contract management, risk management, claims, insurance, incidents, warranty, & asset management. Features include cost & budget control, general ledger, portals, workflow, document management, notifications, & dashboard analytics.
No Rating
AppliedSystems.com - Digitally transform your business to connect staff, insurance partners and customers like never before. Find out how Applied innovation is transforming an industry with the end in mind - you.
No Rating
AndesaServices.com - Andesa Services is the leading provider of integrated, cloud-based solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and providers.
No Rating
CHSIConnections.com - Award-winning CHSI Connections® incorporates CRM, underwriting, billing, claims management, analytics, broker & policyholder portals into a single platform.
No Rating
CodeObjects.com - Agile Flexible Secure Proven Cloud-First Core Insurance Systems.
No Rating
ESurety.net - A Cloud-Based Surety Bond Underwriting Automation PaaS with all the Bells and Whistles.
No Rating
FINEOS.com - FINEOS is a global software company providing modern customer-centric core software to the life, accident and health industry.
No Rating
VUESoftware.com - Backed by over 26 years of insurance industry experience, VUE provides flexible, configurable solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue.
No Rating
Megalodonsystems.com - The Megalodon Insurance Management System transforms complexity into simplicity and frustration into functionality for ultimate ease of use and maximum efficiency. Our all-in-one system doesnt just do tasks and transactions, but puts everything you need to manage relationships and serve policyholders just a click away.
No Rating
Clariondoor.com - Rating and issuance redesigned for modern insurance. Rate, quote, bind, and issue anytime, anywhere.
No Rating
AGOis.com - AGO Insurance Software, Inc. has been a recognized leader in software and services for property and casualty insurance firms, and we have provided proven, cost effective business solutions to insurers of all sizes. Our products include solutions for policy administration, claims processing, accounting, bureau reporting and expert systems. Our software can streamline your operations, making your business more efficient, productive and profitable. Our System is designed in a modular fashion which can be installed as a completely integrated system or separate modules that can be licensed individually. This provides the flexibility of collaboration with existing legacy or third party systems.
No Rating
SunlightSolutions.com - The foundation of our company is our end-to-end insurance solution, Sunlight Enterprise. A key to our success is to ensure that our product is driven by business needs using market standard technology. Our flexible solution handles specialty lines of business, commercial and personal lines of business as well as workers compensation and group health. Let us know your needs.
No Rating
WaterstreetCompany.com - The WaterStreet services suite offers insurance business process outsourcing & extends a high-quality customer experience with sophisticated technology and processes.
Not responsible for outdated, missing, or invalid information. All ratings are opinions only which have been developed through years of experience in the insurance industry. All trademarks, copyrights, and registrations are the property of their respective companies - Quick Silver Systems makes no warranties or representations that the details provided remain accurate however the images and text presented for each company above was taken directly from their public website at the time of publishing this page - Last Updated January, 2019. This information is intended for informational purposes only in order to help potential clients searching for P&C policy and claims administration systems quickly find vendors that might interest them.
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