Yohan Arteaga - Software Engineer
Yohan Arteaga
Software Engineer

Yohan Arteaga is a Cuban born US Citizen with experience in building sophisticated web based applications utilized around the world.

Yohan specializes in Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Grid design and coding. His prior development experience has involved various industries; such as Banking, Human Resources, Payment Processing, and Inventory Management.

Michal Junasek - Software Engineer
Michal Junasek
Software Engineer

Michal Junasek is a Czech Republic born permanent US resident with experience in building insurance systems for more than 14 years and programming all the way back to the days of Basic in DOS systems. He is able to program in at least 8 languages and speaks, reads, and writes several languages as well.

Michal was the VP of Research and Development for Maximum Processing and the lead designer for the core Stingray system for more than 10 years. Michals previous experience includes software development for Accounting, Billing, Document Imaging, Workflow, among others. In his free time Michal enjoys playing with his grandchildren and is an avid photographer. In addition, he is a member of a local Czech band "Five to Twelve" playing the electric guitar and singing backup vocals.

Michael Scott Network Engineer
Michael Scott
Network Engineer

Michael Scott was raised in Florida and graduated from Manatee Technical College. He has a passion for networking and the technologies associated with it. In his free time he enjoys hiking, kayaking and running.

Munkhbold Dembel - Software Engineer
Munkhbold Dembel
Software Engineer

Munkhbold Dembel is a software engineer with plus 8 years of experience building web-based applications in various sectors such as content management systems, 3rd party integrations, e-commerce, online payment, forums, job posting, etc.

In previous projects, he worked on an open-source project that is a software as a service marketing platform with a fast-developing community. He says: "I found it fascinating to participate in an open-source development process and learn new technologies through various channels". He is skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Django, GraphQL, and backend development and is passionate about learning UX skills and full-stack programming. In his free time, he loves to do fitness workouts and bodyweight calisthenic exercises that help him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eric King Insurance Policy System Engineer
Eric King
Documentation Specialist

Eric is originally from Ohio, moved to Florida in his early teens. He brings 10 plus years of experience in QA. Eric comes to us from Maximum Processing. He enjoys spending time with family and playing video games with his kids.

Artem Hazau Insurance Claims System Engineer
Artem Hazau
Quality Assurance

Artem Huzau was born in Minsk, Belarus. He has lived in 5 other countries around the world before settling in the United States. Recently he and his family relocated to Florida. Artem has over 10 years of experience in Sales in the Technology field with brands such as Google and Samsung and he speaks several languages fluently. He has experience and training in project risk management, deployment and release management, budgeting, and various project management methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and LeSS.

Currently, Artem specializes in Quality Assurance and process management. In addition, he's a coach at a local CrossFit box which is what he also loves to do in his spare time with his family.

David Roberts - Software Engineer
David Roberts
Software Engineer

David Roberts brings over 10 years of experience developing software for the insurance industry. He has contributed to the development of systems for the Automobile, Homeowners, Workers Comp, Equine industries and more.

His main interests are in API integration, screen design and document generation. David was born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky - moving to Florida in his early 20s. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, doing anything and everything they can outdoors.

Nicholas Knowles Software Engineer
Nicholas Knowles
Software Engineer

Nicholas Knowles is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Nick attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Media Arts. He followed college with a 10-year career in television and video production working in New York city in a variety of roles including producer, camera operator, videographer, camera assist, utility, grip, and PA. During his career he has worked on major productions such as 30 Rock, Law and Order SVU, Barbara Walters, and Martha Stewart to name a few.

More recently Nick discovered a passion for software engineering and attended Hack Reactor's Software Engineering Immersive in New York. He then relocated to Bradenton, Florida, where he currently resides and is pursuing his passion for development as a Software Engineer for Quick Silver Systems, Inc.

Nicolas Pitcher Software Engineer
Nicolas Pitcher
Software Engineer

Nicolas Pitcher was previously employed at a non-profit theater before attending New College of Florida to earn a degree in Computer Science. He is currently on track to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in 2024.

He has contributed to the development of many different systems and enjoys developing new features. In his free time he likes to spend time at the movies and improve his software engineering skills.

Heather Hough Insurance Claims System Engineer
Heather Hough

Heather Hough is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She attended Calvin University and graduated with a degree in social work. After a 22- year career as a 911 Dispatcher, she transitioned to tech. Naturally critical, she attended a program to become a Software QA Engineer.

Heather recently relocated from Oakland, California to Bradenton, Florida. Traveling is her greatest passion.

Dmytro Zhuravel Insurance Claims System Engineer
Dmytro Zhuravel

Dmytro Zhuravel is a Ukrainian-born software quality assurance (QA) specialist currently living in Florida. He obtained a bachelor's degree in computer science and has been working in the software industry for several years. Dmytro excels in both manual and some automation testing.

He is dedicated to expanding his technical knowledge and improving his skills in programming languages, particularly Java script. Dmytro is always eager to learn new technologies and methodologies to stay up-to-date in his field.

In his free time, Dmytro enjoys spending quality time with his family and his cat, as well as learning to play the guitar.

Harol Alvarino Software Engineer
Harol Alvarino
Software Engineer

Harol Alvarino was born in Cuba. He is a Sr. Level Software Engineer with 8+ years of professional IT experience.

Harol has worked in Financial Enterprises, Insurance field, Educational Institutions, Government and Tourism. He is passionate to learn new and interesting things every day. He is skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS and backend development. In his free time, he loves to do fitness workouts that help him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ashley Velez Insurance Claims System Engineer
Ashley Velez
Documentation Specialist

Ashley Velez was born in Newark, New Jersey, but relocated to sunny Florida at a young age. Her passion for problem solving led her to taking classes at her local college for Computer Programming and Analysis, which quickly cemented her love of the technology field.

In her free time Ashley enjoys playing video games with her children, walking the trails at nature preserves, and spending time with her family.

Dalton King Insurance Policy System Engineer
Dalton King
Networking & IT

Sean Pitcher Property and Casualty Software Engineer
Sean Pitcher

Sean Pitcher was originally born in Michigan and went to college in California for Digital Electronics. After college he moved to Florida to be with family and started working in the insurance industry for more than 22 years. He has held positions in various insurance companies such as Service Insurance originally in Bradenton Florida and American Strategic Insurance as the VP of IT originally in St. Petersburg Florida- always providing management, technical guidance, and software development for P&C insurance products and offerings.

Eventually; seeing the issues that insurance carriers, MGAs and MGUs have with policy and claims administration systems - Sean used his life savings and started his own software company (Maximum Processing Inc and the Stingray System) serving the insurance industry. In just under 16 years (2001-2016) he built Maximum Processing from 2 employees into 110 US employees with offices in Florida, North Carolina, Russia, and China. Sean sold the company and all of its assets to a publicly traded company in July of 2016 which included a non-compete for a period of time.

After the non-compete expired - and - seeing an opportunity to improve the design of a system by starting again and coding a core system from the ground up - Sean decided to start a new company - Quick Silver Systems, Inc. By starting over he was able to choose the very latest technologies and coupled with the experiences and lessons learned from his prior insurance adventures he designed a State-of-the-art 100% web based policy and claims administration system called the Mercury Policy & Claims Processing System. Seans' goal is to improve and expand the features and functions available to carriers a offer a complete policy and claims administration system that includes every module and feature "out-of-the-box" at a total cost of ownership that is much less than most competitors initial bid and to deliver these systems with as much or as little customization as a client requires.

Sean believes in creating win-win partnerships built on honesty, trust, (good documentation) and hard work. Partnerships with clients that stand the test of time and the turmoil of software development - that some might even call friends.

Sean also believes in creating a company where employees enjoy their work, see the differences they make in others lives, and have a voice in the day to day decision making that affects their work life. He wants employees to be able to build a career at Quick Silver Systems Inc. that provides for their families and loved ones as much as it provides challenges and opportunities for their own personal growth.

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