Field Level Validation
Field level validation goes beyond just required fields when entering quote or policy data. Validate and react to users answers as the data is entered.
Field Level Insurance Data Validation
Field Level Validation allows for screen designs that can react to prior answers and dynamically display new required questions. For example if there is a Leinholder the system can automatically display and require the user to enter the lienholder information or select from a list of lienholders.
  Date Driven Rating
Use date driven rating for New Business and Renewals allowing you to enter your rate changes months in advance and automatically apply the new rates when the rate change is effective.
Date Driven Insurance Rating Tables
All rating tables are driven by New Business and Renewal Effective dates with future rate changes able to be made without ever leaving the system.
  Document Imaging
Every Document, ID Card, Letter, and Report generated by the Mercury Platform is automatically saved for review in the integrated document imaging system. In addition, not only are documents generated by the system available in document imaging but any digital document including; emails, photos, scanned pages, digital requests, audio recordings, and more - can be attached to the Mercury Systems document imaging system and made available on the policy they are associated with.
Insurance Policy Document Imaging
P&C Insurance System Overlay