VIN Decodification

The Quick Silver Systems - Mercury Platform now supports VIN Decodification for all vehicles from 1981 to present as a PART of the core system and software maintenance! No additional 3rd party licenses or fees are required!

Our core developers have incorporated FULL VIN decoding of Manufacturer, Year, Make, Model, Trim Package, Restraints, Engine Sizes, and Manufacturing Plant Locations (Country and City) into our standard API service offering.

The Mercury Platform can validate and decode any 17 digit VIN entered during rating in real-time. In addition, for vehicles 2000 and newer we can provide many more vehicle details such as MSRP, List Price, Dimensions, Standard Equipment, and much more!

Use our VIN data to validate user selections; or, automatically select year, make and model, and class codes; or, use Manufactures Suggested Retail Prices to determine coverage and limits offered - the possibilities are left up only to your imagination!

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