BRADENTON, Fla., April 07, 2020 -- Quick Silver Systems, Inc. announces it has incorporated IVR and Chatbots into its system

Quick Silver Systems, Inc. announced it now has a new feature that incorporates NLP (Natural Language Processing) into the Mercury System.

This feature allows us to create complex language driven chat bots and interactive voice response systems including allowing insureds to call into a phone number (IVR - Interactive Voice Response) -OR- have full interaction with the Google Assistant for whatever system interactions you want to create. Now, things like "Hey Google; When is my next insurance payment due?" can be created and will interact in real time with the Mercury System returning the exact amount currently due.

We have a demonstration of interacting in real time using a Google Assistant through voice or by typing and retrieving the exact amount of the next automobile insurance payment due as well as making the payment with a card on file. We created this interaction as a "proof of concept" to demonstrate how the Google Assistant and the Mercury Platform can work together but the possibilities are entirely up to you.

About Quick Silver Systems -

Quick Silver Systems is a software developer offering the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System which is an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry.

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Sean Pitcher - CEO, Quick Silver Systems, Inc.,


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