Story Time

Story Time: Earbuds In or Out?

My 4-year-old son provided a moment of pure imagination today - one all parents can relate to. While fully engrossed in a video on moms phone, I asked him a question that unfortunately went unheard. He paused, ever-so-seriously took out his “earbuds” and responded “What?”. I had to ask "What was that?". Why - well because he DOES NOT own or ever wear any earbuds; the video was playing for all to hear!

His moment of creativity made me smile, but it also reminded me of an important message for working professionals: sometimes we need to take out our proverbial earbuds and listen more attentively.

When collaborating with colleagues, speaking with clients, or communicating priorities, we must remove distractions, eliminate assumptions, and truly hear each other. Whether literally on calls or figuratively immersed in our tasks, let's challenge ourselves to actively listen, ask clarifying questions, and fully engage.

Story Time

You never know what imaginative ideas or solutions we may uncover when we tune into one another.

Today - let's take out those earbuds!

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