Interconnected Lives

In a world that often feels boundless, I was recently reminded of its delightful smallness.

Picture this: I'm in Chicago, miles away from my home in Florida for the past 30 years and far removed from my Michigan roots, in a bustling movie theater. And there, amidst the theater, I happened to strike up a conversation with a stanger only to find out they are an old schoolmate from high school who grew up in the same small town of Sister Lakes Michigan with me. It wasn't planned, it wasn't expected, but it was a meaningful reminder of how interconnected our lives are.

This chance encounter reinforced a powerful truth: every interaction, every kind word, every smile we share plays a part in the intricate tapestry of our social world. These moments of connection, no matter how brief, echo into the future, shaping the networks that support, inspire, and uplift us. So, I encourage you to embrace every encounter, big or small. After all, in this beautifully small world, the paths we cross today might just pave the way for the bridges we'll walk across tomorrow.

Let's make each interaction count – you never know what amazing reunions await around the corner!

Interconnected Lives
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