Introducing Filters

Introducing Filters: Responding to changing business needs in seconds.

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, staying ahead means adapting quickly and efficiently to changing demands. Mercury Platform is proud to introduce its latest innovation – Filters. This powerful feature is designed to transform your insurance quoting process, ensuring it's not only fast, but also intelligent and responsive.

With Filters, you can now tailor your quotes and submissions with unprecedented precision. The feature allows you to set up both hard stops, with customizable return messages, and soft stops, which require underwriter approval while still providing rate information. Filters provide complete quote and submission management through a web based interface to instantly respond to changes in your business environment – such as impending storm events or market shifts.

Introducing Filters

Finally, Filters once created can be enabled and disabled with a single button click. Offering business users complete control over your underwriting workflow without programming.

Learn why small to medium sized insurance companies are choosing the Mercury Platform with a free demo of Filters today.

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