Compact Tech Infrastructure

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Here's why it matters:

We recently had discussions with our Development and IT teams because we had a developer

create an amazing tool for internal use but it used MongoDB (which is NOT our normal stack).

We discussed that when we expand our technological footprint, we inadvertently invite more

maintenance woes. From constant updates for MySql, MongoDB, MariaDB, as well as development

technologies like .net, C#, node.js, Java and more, our workload will skyrocket.

Compact Tech Infrastructure

But that's not all!

By increasing our attack surface, we become more vulnerable to hackers if even a single

system remains unpatched. Instead, let's keep our footprint small and mighty. 🚀 By doing

so, we can swiftly address security concerns across the entire organization with a single


Less exposure, increased efficiency.

Now, tell us, what do you do to manage your technological footprint? Let's brainstorm


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