Innovate Together

Hiring in Tech: Moving Beyond Technical Expertise.

In today's rapidly evolving insurtech landscape, it's crucial to acknowledge that the key to

success isn't just technical prowess. At Quick Silver Systems, we understand that innovation

and customer satisfaction are driven by the power of soft skills.

Our Mercury Policy and Claims Platform isn't just a result of domain knowledge. It's built by

professionals who excel in effective communication, empathy, and critical thinking.

By prioritizing soft skills in our hiring process, we ensure that our team is equipped to

handle the dynamic challenges of a fast-paced software development environment. We offer

Innovate Together

unparalleled value to our clients by combining technical expertise with the ability to

adapt, connect, and create meaningful solutions.

Join us in redefining tech hiring.

Let's place equal importance on hard and soft skills, shaping a brighter future for the

insurtech industry.

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