Clear or Not


Navigating a complex commercial package policy system with multiple lines of business across various locations, buildings, and coverages can be daunting, especially when brokers and underwriters might not have all the details at the time of data entry. Additionally, each level requires specific data before policy issuance. The question arises: how can we swiftly identify and list missing information, ensuring completeness prior to issuance?


The Mercury System introduces an intuitive indicator at each level, enabling underwriters to quickly and visually identify missing or incomplete data. Indicators are green for "all clear" and yellow to highlight "missing information." This straightforward feature empowers brokers and underwriters to pinpoint the exact line of business, location, building, and coverage that requires attention before policy issuance. Moreover, the system blocks issuance until all indicators turn "green," effectively preventing accidental submissions with incomplete data.

Clear or Not
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