Consistent Letters


The underwriting and claims departments rely heavily on Word document templates to generate various types of letters, which often require the inclusion of the underwriter's or claim adjuster's digital signatures and the flexibility to insert missing information, pose questions, or verify data. This process can be cumbersome and inefficient, especially when dealing with a high volume of documents that need personalization and accuracy.


The Mercury Platform revolutionizes this process by offering a comprehensive suite of report templates designed to cater to the diverse needs of underwriting and claims. This innovative solution enables the effortless creation of personalized letters complete with digital signatures and the capability for real-time edits and customizations before finalizing the document. It seamlessly integrates all available data into the letter, minimizing manual input and reducing the potential for errors. As a result, the insurance company successfully transitioned to a more standardized and efficient letter creation process, maintaining the same familiar look and feel of their traditional templates while significantly enhancing productivity and consistency across departments.

Consistent Letters
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