Claims Subrogation

Claims Subrogation with Mercury Platform...

Are you a claims adjuster looking for a more efficient way to manage your claims subrogation process?

Discover the Mercury Platform – a versatile solution tailored for small to mid-sized insurance carriers. Our platform stands out with its fully web-based claims processing system, and real-time claims reporting, as well as an intuitive customer portal for FNOL. But one feature that truly sets it apart is the custom claims subrogation plans feature.

You can easily set up expected payment plans and workflow reminders for late or missed payments, all within a user-friendly fully web-based claims system interface.

Don't let the complexity of claims subrogation slow you down. Let Mercury Platform streamline your process and enhance your operational efficiency.

Claims Subrogation

Learn more about how the Mercury Platform can transform your subrogation in your claims management process today!

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