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Increasing Sales by Offering Free Online Quotes


If an insurance company installs our cutting-edge system, the business can offer detailed quotes, indicate the monthly cost of each policy, offer an online rating and a portal to self-manage insurance policies. The advanced software program could also help the company to handle various types of claims, and when a customer submits an online claim, the client may describe the damaged property, estimate the value of the property, evaluate the incident and provide additional notes prior to handing the data off to claims as a part of First Notice of Loss process.


Providing New Quotes and Offering Many Different Types of Insurance


Once a visitor requests a free quote, the guest can offer detailed information, customize an insurance policy, evaluate the liability coverage and provide an initial payment. The visitor could also modify the deductibles of the insurance policy. If a customer chooses a lower deductible, the advanced system may automatically increase the monthly price of the insurance policy.

When a company provides online quotes, the customers can easily evaluate the benefits of each insurance policy, the monthly premiums and extra features as well as cross-sell other types of policies in the same session or at a later time. The client may also review guidelines that describe the insurance policies, which could protect valuable property, and sometimes, the company can provide several types of discounts.


Binding a Quote


Once a customer receives a detailed quote, the client can quickly compare multiple variations in coverages and limits, and if a customer chooses a policy, the efficient system can automatically bind the insurance and provide all the various types of documents as a part of the policy jacket both electronically or by mail. While the new customer browses the company's website, the client may create a free account, and the customer can manage their active policies, evaluate additional services, schedule payments and reminders and submit insurance claims through FNOL.


Generating New Leads and Improving Satisfaction


According to multiple reports, a cutting-edge system can significantly augment a company's conversion rates, maximize the profitability of each marketing campaign, increase policyholder access and improve the experiences of many customers. If a business provides a real-time quote, the company may quickly approve an insurance policy, or the customer could request additional quotes, share the new quotes and contact the insurance company.

When a business utilizes The Mercury Policy and Claims System, the system can considerably increase the number of users who regularly visit the company's website. Moreover, many customers can share the website's links on the social media networks, and generally, these high-quality links can significantly improve brand awareness, boost revenue and increase the website's rankings. All having positive impacts on the business and customer satisfaction.


Accepting Several Types of Payments


The Mercury Platform can easily handle digital payments allowing buyers to utilize credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks. Once a customer makes a payment, the system can send an automated email that describes the recent payment, the customer's balance and the payment method. When the client reviews the email, the customer could also evaluate the due date, upcoming payments, extra fees and available discounts.

If an insurance company chooses to accept digital payments they are choosing to offer the most convenient options to policyholders and increase the company's revenue. According to multiple reports, more than 88 percent of customers prefer insurance companies that can accept digital payments which will only increase as more and more millennials enter the insurance marketplace.


Handling Insurance Claims


When customers visit the company's website, the clients could easily submit insurance claims through a fully automated First Notice of Loss process. The customers can quickly provide the first notice of loss, and the clients may describe damaged property, indicate the cause of the accident, estimate the value of the property (if necessary) and create additional notes. Once a customer provides a new claim, an insurance agent could contact the client, and the expert may ask numerous questions, request a detailed statement and review the insurance policy. Subsequently, the insurance company can quickly reimburse the customer.

If customers can easily submit insurance claims, the insurance company can improve client satisfaction, optimize the reputation of the business, and reduce the company's overall expenses. According to many reports, a cutting-edge system can increase the number of customers who provide referrals, and consequently, the insurance company can generate additional leads, enhance the effectiveness of each marketing campaign and increase the return on investment.


Customizing Each Insurance Policy


Once a company installs our innovative system, the insurance company can substantially improve policyholder access, and when customers access their accounts, the clients could evaluate the available coverage, modify the deductibles and examine the status of an insurance claim. Additionally, the users can evaluate other insurance policies, and if a customer chooses multiple insurance policies, the company may offer substantial discounts, optional services and various incentives.


Examining Additional Services


Many insurance companies provide mobile applications, 24/7 roadside assistance and numerous types of discounts. If a client does not make an insurance claim, a business could gradually reduce the customer's deductibles, yet the company may not increase the costs of the insurance policy. When a customer receives a real-time quote, the client can examine extra services, activate the insurance policy or provide an email address. After the customer requests updates, the insurance company may frequently send emails that contain advertisements, promotional codes and exclusive offers.


Providing Reimbursements


If a customer is involved in an accident, the insurance agents could evaluate the cause of the incident, the client's injuries, the costs of medical services and the effects of emotional distress. The experts may also examine the value of damaged property, and the specialists can estimate the costs of necessary repairs. Once the insurance agents review the insurance claim, the experts could provide a sufficient reimbursement; however, the insurance company can also increase the costs of the insurance policy.


Choosing Our High-Quality System


Typically, the advanced system can significantly decrease long-term expenses, optimize the efficiency of the business and improve the satisfaction of clients. When a customer submits an insurance claim, the useful tools could substantially reduce the duration of the process, and before a customer speaks to an insurance agent, the representatives can thoroughly evaluate the new insurance claim. The software program could substantially increase automation, and consequently, the system may considerably reduce the costs of each marketing campaign.



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Quick Silver Systems is a software developer offering the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System which is an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry.

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