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BRADENTON, Fla., December 07, 2020 -- Quick Silver Systems, Inc.

JQuery Security Alert has been issued for versions less than 3.5.0

Two JQuery vunerabilities have been identifed that affect all versions of JQuery versions 1.2 and above. The vunerable package allows attackers to execute untrusted code from untrusted sources even after sanitizing which has been addressed through a patch in JQuery version 3.5.0.

"I believe that there are many mission critical systems affected by this issue and yet the developer(s) of these systems are not properly patching in a timely manner. I also believe that informed users may be the only way to get vendors to address potential issues before there is an un-recoverable data breach." - Said Sean Pitcher CEO of Quick Silver Systems, Inc.

If you think that your website MIGHT be affected by this issue simply send an email to info@quicksilversystems.com telling us the website url for the login page to your system application (We DO NOT need any login credentials) and we will verify the version reported. We will do this EVEN if its not our insurance policy and claims processing system!

The Details regarding each of these notifications can be found at: JQuery Blog.



About Quick Silver Systems -

Quick Silver Systems is a software developer offering the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System which is an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry.

Learn more about Quick Silver Systems: https://www.QuickSilverSystems.com


Sean Pitcher - CEO, Quick Silver Systems, Inc.,



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