Mercury Platform with NLP API Transforms your Insurance document attachments into insight.

Imagine an automobile insurance company standing at the crossroads of innovation and tradition. Burdened with hundreds of pages from doctors' notes, towing invoices, hospital bills, policy reports, and records of physical therapy sessions, the task of extracting crucial information like prescribed medications and details of the last physical therapy session was not only time consuming but could be daunting.

Enter the Mercury Platform, equipped with a cutting-edge NLP API. This powerful tool transformed the traditional search method. No longer did employees have to sift through vast document archives manually hoping to enter the correct keywords or phrases. With the Mercury Platform, they could make plain English queries, such as 'Show me the list of medications prescribed post-accident' or 'When was the last physical therapy session?' and receive accurate answers in moments.

Equip your team with the power of NLP AI and turn your documents into actionable insights with plain english inquiry.

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